mandag den 22. juni 2009

Internetsøgning/Blogger 8/10

Dear readers. This post is in English, because I wished to share my experiences with my weblog. Blogger is about to be 10 years. Ibeen with Blogger 8 of these years. Blogger wants stories about how weblogs changed your life. I want to share my thoughts.
Headlines are: I became author because of Blogger. And author of a webguide, Google-Guide on the website of Copenhagen Library.
Internetsøgning started in August 2002. Blogs were new in Denmark, I believe we were less that 100 bloggers. All in all. I had no idea of what a weblog was, just wanted to check it out. To tell the truth, I thought it was a waste of time. I was right: I got stuck, and keep on blogging.
In February 2004, I wrote about Nancy Blachman's Googleguide. 2 days later, she emailed me and asked for a translation of the 'Swedish' text ( Nancy didn't knew the difference between Danish and Swedish, she's long forgiven!). In short, she asked why I didn't translate the full Googleguide into Danish, which I did.
To my surprise, the site became very popular. At a time, it was the third most visited subpage of the libraries (not sure if it still is).
So it was almost inevitable that someone suggest making a book out of it. Which I did, in August 2005, Alt om Google. Sales went well, and in 2007, I did a second edition, Find det med Google. It has been translated into Norwegian, and probably into Swedish soon.
All this because of 5 lines on a weblog. So, blogging changed my life.

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