torsdag den 13. oktober 2005

Internetsøgning holder pause til mandag den 24. oktober. Som kompensation er der i dag lagt ekstra mange indslag ud. Så skulle der være lidt læsestof til læserne i mellemtiden.

2 kommentarer:

TEACHER SOL sagde ...

I use the World Wide Web too when I give reference lists for my studets' research projects.

But the question is, is it really safe for our kids to be dependent on internet research?

J.G.Christensen sagde ...

You're absolutely right, Maria, and I am happy, that you dare to bring it into the open:
It's far too dangerous to let our kids be dependent on internet research.
It's much better to let them depend on the good ol' books. First of all, books are reliable and can be trusted, because they are written by experts.
Tell me, who would ever question the truth told in books?
Secondly, books are always updated and on the forefront of what's happening.

But remember, the internet can be dangerous for the elderly in our community too.
Just have a look at Erik Hoy on the picture in this blog, always sleeping his day away in unpleasant positions at the library, exhausted after surfing the internet all night. This cannot be healthy for a person of his age.